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2 questions about about your plugin
Apr 11, 2017 6:37 am by user17
Hello, we are currently searching for an automatic translation plugin. Our website is and we have over 12.000 posts on it, everyday we add new posts for autotuning fans etc. Here are our questions: - If we take the enterprise-edition with all features, that SSL is supported and the translated posts are in domainsubfolders like .../fr/ .../it/ etc. Does the plugin try to translate alle the more than 12.000 posts in "one piece" or has it the ability to do it in parts? Because of the size of our website most of the plugins fail in such things and crash the server... 12.000 posts x 10 languages... - If everything works fine and we have all the translations and after two years we want to cancel the subscription: what will happen with the translations that are already done? Do they stay or are then alle the created posts/translations deleted? Thank you in advance for your answer. best regards.
Re: 2 questions about about your plugin
Apr 11, 2017 8:12 am by Yana
Hi, The translations are done on demand when someone opens your translated pages. We store the cache in our cloud servers. If yo cancel the subscription the translation service will be unavailable.


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