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System Requirements
Sep 15, 2011 11:54 am by TradeLOL
I've recently purchased the gTranslate Pro plugin & can't wait to install it to my WordPress site, but after downloading the zip file & reading the readme file I found that there are several requirements I currently don't have on my hosting. Now I'm willing to change hosting services but one of the requirements "JSON Library" isn't available even on the new hosting service I'm looking for. The reason for this stated by the service provider is because JSON is a windows based PHP library. Is it possible that I don't need this library or do I have to change my system to Windows based?
Re: System Requirements
Sep 16, 2011 10:58 am by Edvard
Hi, I don't know who said that to you, but it is not true and you don't need to change to Windows based server. JSON library is included in PHP since 5.2 version by default. You need to check if they support PHP cURL library which is supported by 99% of hosting providers. And you need to check also for ionCube loader library, which can be enabled on 99% of hosting provider servers even if it is disabled by default.


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