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Translate widget not working
Jun 21, 2014 12:09 pm by Ollie
I just purchased the Enterprise version and I'm having a few problems. 1) The language subdomains are not showing a full page translation, only the page title and the navigation bars (top and right) are being translated. Sometimes, even these translations are incomplete. The meta tags and the body text are not getting translated AT ALL. See the following examples: Spanish: Chinese: 2) A percent sign (%) is being added at the beginning of each paragraph. This happens consistently throughout all languages I have tested. 3) So far I have only added the translation widget to one page for testing purposes. For some reason, the language dropdown is not responding and it's only showing the default flag. See 4) Absolute URLs to the shopping cart are getting directed to the language subdomain, therefore generating a license error from the shopping cart vendor. The error says I'm not licensed to operate on this domain server. I appreciate your help to resolve these issues.
Re: Translate widget not working
Jun 21, 2014 9:54 pm by Yana
Hi, 1. First we need to discover your content to translate it. We discover when someone accesses the page. I can see above mentioned pages are already translated. 2. % signs will disappear when we discover and translate all your content, you shouldn't worry about it. 3. I can see you modified the default language selector. Please check the code. It seems there is an error. If you want to display the flag inside dropdown list you can get the code from our website source code. 4. Can you provide an example and may be a step by step to see the issue?


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