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Website crashes after upgrade tot php 5.4
Mar 16, 2015 11:48 am by Suus
I've installed GTranslate Pro on my website and my host just upgraded my dedicated server to PHP 5.4. Once done, my website turns blanc and i get the following message: Site error: the file /home/site/domains/sitename/public_html/plugins/system/gtranslate/gtranslate.php requires the ionCube PHP Loader to be installed by the website operator. If you are the website operator please use the ionCube Loader Wizard to assist with installation. Please help me with this.
Re: Website crashes after upgrade tot php 5.4
Mar 16, 2015 2:11 pm by Yana
Hi, You should ask your hosting provider to install the php ionCube loader or if you have access to php.ini file you install it yourself.


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