W3 Cache & Wordpress Directory Structure

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W3 Cache & Wordpress Directory Structure

Postby Matt2020 » Mon Feb 06, 2012 11:41 am

I have purchased the Pro version but I liked the free on the fly version so much I used that until Google stopped that service.

Now looking at using my Pro license, a few questions which I cannot find in the FAQ, or forums.

Can I use W3 cache with GTranslate Pro in Wordpress? (I see that your site has no caching)

If yes does that re-cache all the language files?

Do I understand correctly that using say 10 languages would result in 10 extra cached posts every time.

So if the blog had say 100 posts that is 1000 pages?

Does W3 Cache then cache and create additional cache files for all 1000 pages meaning 2000 pages required to support a 100 post blog?

If I refresh the W3 Cache will that try to rebuild the translation pages?

Will modifications to a translation trigger the cache to rebuild automatically?

I guess cache rebuilds even if translation is not done again might take a long time?

Maybe a limit of 5 languages is more reasonable, what do you think?

Any website examples of someone with a lot of pages using Caching/Wordpress and GTranslate Pro?

Wordpress Directory Structure
Can I have the main english branch identical to the existing site i.e. without using an /en/ extension.
I see that on this site it displays the /en/ branch for a second then the screen flashes and the main branch is displayed in the browser window. Anyway to avoid this flashing effect and the obvious redirection?

For SEO purposes I want anyone who ever comes to the site including return visitors go though the English root home page before choosing their language. That is I don't want the system to remember their selection after they have left. Is this possible to do?

I would like to see a lot more examples of websites using GTranslate Pro, most of the ones I have seen so far don't have many pages and look quite simple.

Human Translations for Wordpress Posts
If I wanted to intially use the automatic translation and then later update some languages with human translations, how does that work in Wordpress?
e.g. Are the translated pages shown as new posts?
e.g. How would human translations of menu items be included in the translated page?
How does the cart idea work, any videos or demos?
Does the cart interface to a group of human tranalators?
If so what is the average cost per page for say English->French?

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Re: W3 Cache & Wordpress Directory Structure

Postby Edvard » Tue Feb 07, 2012 2:54 pm


You can use any caching system. The GTranslate Pro is completely separate and keeps it's own cache. It caches the strings/sentences/texts from your website, not the posts. So if you have the same piece of text in 2 posts, it will use only one cache. If it founds a new text which is not yet translated, it makes a translation and stores a new cache for 1 year by default.

You can use as many languages as you wish, but better if you use only those languages you are interested in.

Your site will stay as is after the installation. No URL will be changed. It will just add additional language URLs like domain.com/es, domain.com/it and keep the translated pages there virtually. So if your site is in English, no /en will be added.

It will not remember the language selection after the visitor left the page. However if the visitor came to your website from the search engine which already included the language code, then it will show the translated version. For example if I searched for something in Russian and in the search results it shows me your website translated into Russian and the URL is domain.com/ru/found-page then after the redirection the site will be in Russian.

You can check our website and see how the Pro works, it doesn't matter how big your site is.

You will be able to edit the translations after it was translated automatically or there is no translation yet. Since I already explained how caching works, it is evident that you are going to edit texts of your site and it doesn't matter what kind of internal system you have WordPress, Joomla or any other type of a website.

The human translation cost for English to French is 0.06 EUR per word. If you order full page professional translation it will be about 10 EUR per page.

Edvard Ananyan - GTranslate Team

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