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getting drop down list with flags
Dec 17, 2011 9:32 am by grunt2001c
how do i get drop down list with flags like it is on your site? also can you create an ini file to translate languages in to native language? does not look good when your site is in some other language other that English and translation text is in English.
Re: getting drop down list with flags
Dec 17, 2011 9:38 am by grunt2001c
this is the line i'm talking about $lang_array = array('en'=>'English','ar'=>'Arabic','bg'=>'Bulgarian','zh-CN'=>'Chinese (Simplified)','zh-TW'=>'Chinese (Traditional)','hr'=>'Croatian','cs'=>'Czech','da'=>'Danish','nl'=>'Dutch','fi'=>'Finnish','fr'=>'French','de'=>'German','el'=>'Greek','hi'=>'Hindi','it'=>'Italian','ja'=>'Japanese','ko'=>'Korean','no'=>'Norwegian','pl'=>'Polish','pt'=>'Portuguese','ro'=>'Romanian','ru'=>'Russian','es'=>'Spanish','sv'=>'Swedish','ca'=>'Catalan','tl'=>'Filipino','iw'=>'Hebrew','id'=>'Indonesian','lv'=>'Latvian','lt'=>'Lithuanian','sr'=>'Serbian','sk'=>'Slovak','sl'=>'Slovenian','uk'=>'Ukrainian','vi'=>'Vietnamese','sq'=>'Albanian','et'=>'Estonian','gl'=>'Galician','hu'=>'Hungarian','mt'=>'Maltese','th'=>'Thai','tr'=>'Turkish','fa'=>'Persian','af'=>'Afrikaans','ms'=>'Malay','sw'=>'Swahili','ga'=>'Irish','cy'=>'Welsh','be'=>'Belarusian','is'=>'Icelandic','mk'=>'Macedonian','yi'=>'Yiddish','hy'=>'Armenian','az'=>'Azerbaijani','eu'=>'Basque','ka'=>'Georgian','ht'=>'Haitian Creole','ur'=>'Urdu');
Re: getting drop down list with flags
Dec 17, 2011 4:51 pm by Edvard
You can get the customized language selector from the source code of our website. We don't suggest to translate the language selector, since not all the visitors who land on your page can understand your language to be able to choose a language from the list. However, if you really want that you can customize it from the code.


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