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gtranslator pro version information
Feb 3, 2012 3:44 am by tia4.anshul
Hi there, We want to know from your team few things regarding the use of pro version of gtranslator, We are earlier using the free version of gtranslator for our Joomla (1.5) based component. And after December 2011 it has got deactivated. We have searched about this in your forum that google has stopped that earlier version of gtranslator. We have tried the new free version of gtranslator. But there is one issue in it, when we are trying this, it is giving a google translator loading (popup) before changing language of site. We just have a single query as if we will use pro version of gtranslator whether it gives same google translator loading (popup) or not? Please help us in this. Thanks & Regards
Re: gtranslator pro version information
Feb 3, 2012 10:39 am by Yana
Hi, It seems you are using the Google Default translation method which works OK. If you use Redirect method you will be redirected to Google server to see the translations. In the the Pro version you will get SEF URLs like on our website. You can test the Pro and check the differences between Free and Pro on .


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