Multilingual page links back to main language page

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Multilingual page links back to main language page

Postby Chaia » Thu Jan 21, 2016 8:18 pm

3 months ago I decided to change my monolanguage (Danish) Joomla site to a multilanguage (IT/EN)- I have used the GTranslate module for my website for some time before though.

So when I decided to go multilinggual I used the Joomla Language Module and created a Language Switcher for this.

However, everything seems fine in the back end, but in the front end I have one single problem - I have no idea where or what the problem is.
For some reason, one of my Italian pages links back to a Danish (main language) page, and I cannot see where the error is in the backend.

I asked in the Joola Forum, and was told to post my problem here, as the guy meant the problem lies with the GTranslate module - I still have it installed while I'm creating my other language pages.
I tried to disable the GTranslate module, but the problem still persisted.

The link to the mysterious page is: ... culturali/ and ... ali/page-2

Looking forward for your reply.
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Re: Multilingual page links back to main language page

Postby Edvard » Fri Jan 22, 2016 3:50 am


You are using our GTranslate free module. It does the translations automatically using Javascript. It doesn't interact with the URL structure of your website or anything else. You may uninstall it and see that nothing changes on your site.

We can help you to make your website go multilingual with our Translation Delivery Network solution:

Your languages will be available on subdomains, for example and it will help your website to be indexed and found in search engines in different languages. Also, you will be able to edit the translations directly on the page without accessing the backend, which will keep you concentrated on the context.


Edvard Ananyan - GTranslate Team

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