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Pro Stopped Translating
Feb 26, 2014 4:29 pm by innerself
I have several Pro installations at All of these sites have now stopped translating for several weeks. The limit.txt is in place. I have tried force translation etc. Have I been banned by google? Is there anyway to tell? When I change from the pro version to the free version it translates fine. For you to look at: has pro selected, mightynatural,com has pro unselected and is in the free version and has pro selected with debug turned on. Question when force translation is on does it cause a new translation every time a url is called regardless if it was previously translated. The reason I ask if a search engine comes along does it trigger a new translation and thus uses up your daily limit at google for things already translated?
Re: Pro Stopped Translating
Feb 26, 2014 6:51 pm by Yana
Hi, Can you please check GTranslate cache folders structure? Also Please enable the GTranslate debug mode , so I can check and understand what the problem is. If google banned your IP address, you should wait or you can ask your hosting provider to change an IP address.
Re: Pro Stopped Translating
Feb 27, 2014 3:04 am by innerself
As I said above I turned debug on for for in the config.php "define('DEBUG', true); // turn on for debug mode" for you to look at. There has been no change to the cache file structure on either of the three sites. I tried to leave you a message in the front but it wouldn't let me, Contact me by email if you want access to the back. How would I know if I was banned? I get a lot of search engine traffic. A lot of it is google bot. About 5 times my regular traffic. That's why you made me stop using the Enterprise edition. Does search engine trigger a translation? to get you banned. The only other problem I had was that gtranslate produces so many files that it overran my solid state disk I have gtranslate folder on causing it to act full at only 40% actual usage. I never knew linux had that limitation until i started using gtranslate. I moved other stuff off the disk and reduced the number of languages. But this was a few months ago and long before this. 2 of the sites don't use the solid state disk.
Re: Pro Stopped Translating
Feb 27, 2014 3:26 am by innerself
I also wanted to point out that leaving a site in the pro version that is not translating is also subject to a duplicate content SEO penalty. For instance if you have 20 languages selected then the same content shows at or etc 20 times. Not good. I did see that will still load if the free version is selected instead of the pro version so that may be what I have to do. I just not sure what to do at this moment.
Re: Pro Stopped Translating
Feb 28, 2014 1:45 pm by Yana
Hi, Please remove old debug.txt . I cannot download it. It is too big.
Re: Pro Stopped Translating
Mar 1, 2014 5:31 pm by innerself
Debug must have been turned on in the past. File was 1.5 gig. It is accumulating new info. Sorry I should have checked it myself. I am also restarting the error _log it is large also the old one can be found at error_log_old. When I follow the links in the debug.txt I can see that Google is throwing up a captcha. So it looks like we are being blocked at least at our local ip here rather at the server. Which makes no sense at all as we don't use the service from here and there is no mention of Must be the way the link request is formated that is being blocked. My best guess. Changing ips is out, doing nothing is out because because of duplicate content; Seems to me: 1. Changing to bing for awhile 2. Paying google 3. Just running with gtranslate free until embargo is lifted on all sites since ip#s are sequential and google does say "network". How long typically? If being blocked. Any other suggestions? Or am I wrong about being blocked? bobby
Re: Pro Stopped Translating
Mar 3, 2014 2:03 pm by Yana
Dear Bobby, If Google banned your IP address you need to wait. You can temporary switch to the free version. You can disable the languages you don't interested in . Also iff you have dynamic texts (dynamic date-times, counters etc.) in your pages try to wrap them with class="notranslate".


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