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Some Pre Sales Questions
Mar 2, 2015 11:13 am by centrobg
Hello, I have some pre sales Question. 1.Is the subscription for Enterprice edition for 1 domain? If yes can I use it for unlimited subdomains like ,,,,, ect. 2.What is the whole process for installation.When I want to edit some url or some text, can I save that tranlation so I don`t need to make it again. 3.Waht should I do for SEO for each tranlated site. For example I want to do SEO for the german site , should I do separate SEO for each subdomain.Schould I make separate Facebook page, separate xml sitemap ect. 4.Have you same good SEO experience with Enterprice version Best Regards!
Re: Some Pre Sales Questions
Mar 2, 2015 1:21 pm by Yana
Hi, 1. Yes, GTranslate license is for one domain name. You can use all supported languages like , 2. For the Enterprise version you just need to create DNS CNAME records for the languages which you want to use. They should point to ur server. You can find the documentation here ... umentation . You should be able to edit the translations. It will save edited translation in our server and will be loaded from the server. 3. There is no need to create the sitemap for all languages. You just need to create it for your default language . The translated versions will be indexed automatically. 4. You can search for to see indexed pages ... Oj2-5vhvro


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