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Template position changes for some browsers and languages
Jan 12, 2011 9:24 pm by [email protected]
hi , using gtranslate pro, and experiencing template shifting problems in firefox, chrome and opera, but not in IE german //japan //korean //hebrew //norwegian //swedish// arabic// chinese// ENGLISH the above languages work well in all browsers. but all the other languages the template just shifts to the left, showing something like a blank margin on the right. i have attached two links showing the difference, and please see the top right below the header, the template just shifts showing blank vertical space like margin right thro the entire length of the template ... e-gamer-pc ... -i87mr615t the above links show all template shifting links (please view the links in firefox or chrome or opera. as no problem in IE which works fine) below is the perfect link ... -i87mr615t any learned teacher can help would be thankful,


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