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URGENT! - Issues with URL translations !? Overall progress..
Aug 24, 2013 12:40 pm by jasperli
Hi, I do not know where to look anymore. But something is going strange in the translation system for enterprise. Let me explain: Main url website: (default english) I recently changed the Joomla SEF URL from "privat" to "private" for english. In German this has to be translated as "privat". *************************** Now. Cached + URL translated content (in german): => NOT working => NOT working In French: => NOT working In Italien: => Working In Spanish: => NOT working In Russion: ... 1%8B%D0%B9 => NOT working In Dutch: => works ********* In general speaking! Gtranslate enterprise was/is the main component for my website plan and needed for the idea i have. But over the last months it has not been working as expected. There were too many issues. 1. Losing my manual translations (see topic: enterprise-translations-lost-t2972.html) 2. Yesterday i found out that also my 1 listing Gengo proff translated content isn't shown anymore. Probably because i changed some <p> to <br> in the text to get nicer paragraps (text content remained the same). Meantime I have deleted all Gengo translations because i didn't had any overview anymore, so i can start with fresh installations. 3. I had the URL's ready last May so i Google could take 3 months to index all.... With some important keywords points i am solid on the first page of the search results. 3. And now, some URL's are not available anymore, resulting in 404's (or maybe the cache is not updated......?) Bottomline - I spent weeks to go to all manual translations in 8 different languages => lost - I spent months to setup all keywords & urls for indexing - I spent $200,- on Gengo for proff. translations but now (some parts?) are also gone - I spent +$300,- on Gtranslate untill now But this way i can not sell any listings with translated content yet over multiple topdomains towards customers as i had planned for this website. Somewhere something is going wrong. My whole investemt (app + website + content) from over a year is due to failure since the 1st of september the LIVE release should be there because the winter season starts. Could you please respond to this asap? You may also email me at info [] skischoolguide [] eu Jasper
Re: URGENT! - Issues with URL translations !? Overall progre
Aug 25, 2013 4:51 pm by Yana
Dear Jasper , We will investigate the issue and will report back as soon as we have more information.
Re: URGENT! - Issues with URL translations !? Overall progre
Aug 25, 2013 5:12 pm by jasperli
Hello Yana, Great! Because of the URL change to .com i also have no problemm to start all over again with all translation content. *so you may purge all existing cache*. Maybe that also solves some issues. But then i would like to know 100% sure that after that all manual & gengo translations will stay here. According to Edvard on a early post it won't happen again: enterprise-translations-lost-t2972.html but i really want to have an agreement on this before i can sell the service to my clients. Jasper
Re: URGENT! - Issues with URL translations !? Overall progre
Aug 26, 2013 9:43 am by Edvard
Hi, Since you have made the change on the original URL, you will need to go over and manually correct the URL translations, so the change will be saved in the system. Because currently when you request /privat in German it tries to fetch /privat in English, which actually doesn't exist already, since you have changed it to /private. If you can make the redirect on your side from original /privat to /private then it will be fine. It works in other languages most likely because it was translated after you made the change or you have corrected manually. We have no any evidence of loosing translations. Please provide more details what you have edited and when. If you have made a change in the original text after you made the corrections, then the translation should be corrected one more time. It is by design. Please provide more detailed information of your problems, so we can investigate. Thank you!
Re: URGENT! - Issues with URL translations !? Overall progre
Aug 26, 2013 11:01 am by jasperli
Hello Edvard, Oke clear story. So after an URL change i need to open & edit + save the URL again in the gtranslate panel. So for the translation change; i thought it would be on "word string" base and not affected by the change of <div>'s to <p>'s etc. in the HTML. Jasper
Re: URGENT! - Issues with URL translations !? Overall progre
Aug 26, 2013 6:59 pm by Edvard
Yes, that will solve the issue with URL changes, however I would also setup an URL redirect. The translation depends on the formatting of your HTML. You can manipulate it to be more effective.


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