End of life for GTranslate Pro

Products eventually reach their natural end of life for various reasons including new and better technologies becoming available. We are stopping future development of GTranslate Pro version and encourage you to upgrade to one of our new plans (Startup, Business, Enterprise).

Starting from 2008 we offered GTranslate Pro version which is a PHP software. Like all software it has some drawbacks. Which includes server incompatibility because of software requirements, limited server resources like disk space and CPU usage, frequent software updates. On 2012 we have launched our Translation Delivery Network technology or Translation Proxy, which basically is a hosted GTranslate Pro version. With it you shouldn't worry about server requirements, resources and software updates, since now we take care all of that for you letting you enjoy up-to-date service every day. Over time it became more popular, technologically advanced and faster. Now you can use it on any web-server and your website can be written in any programming language. With URL Translation now you will get SEO advantage over Pro version which did not have such functionality. You may have a sub-domain URL structure for translations or keep sub-directory URL structure. Even you may have a separate domain for each language and we will host translations on that domain. Check all features on Features page.

Now the time has come to upgrade your GTranslate Pro version to our Translation Delivery Network service.

The transition process is very easy. Please check the Upgrade Documentation for more info. If you wish we can do it for you as well. You will be able to keep your current URL structure and indexed pages.

If you have edited your translations, you may send us your .human files and we will include them in our translation cache.

If for some reason you do not wish to upgrade, then you may continue using it without updates and support from us. Also for new translations you will need to buy Google Translate API key and use it with your Pro license.

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