The Word Counter You Need When Translating a Website

Looking for a reliable tool to find out how many words you have on your website, or maybe on a specific page only?

Let's first understand what you need it for.

While you might need a word counter for a variety of reasons, one of the most common scenarios when you will need it is when translating your website.

Why? It's simple: just like salespeople are paid based on the deals they close, the translators are paid based on the number of words or pages they translate.

There are several online tools you can use to find the number of words your website has, and some of them are from translation agencies and even automatic translation tools.

Yes, you heard it right, even with some automatic website translation services, you should check the number of words you are going to translate, as they will offer different plans based on the word count on your page or the whole website. In other words, they will charge you money per word just like real translators do.

Sure it can be unpleasant since it means the bigger your website will grow, the more money you are going to spend on the translation. You will even have to upgrade the translation service every time you add a few lines to a page or a few pages to a website.

Things can go even worse when the translation providers stop the entire service and refuse to even give you the translation for the less text that you had earlier.

So, what to do?

Simply use GTranslate, which puts no limits on the number of translated words and/or page-views.

With GTranslate's automatic translation service, you can instantly make your website multilingual and feel safe while you add more pages or more text.

That's how an automatic translation tool should work!

And for those of our users, who want to take the quality of translation even beyond the Neurally translated one, we offer a unique website translation service too.

With this one, you can hire a professional translator or a native speaker, who will improve the translations where needed, so you can proudly showcase your translated website in front of international audiences.

Here is where you need to know how many words you have on your website!

And, yes, we took care of it too.

By merely importing your website's address into GTranslate's website translation quoting template, indicating the original language and giving the list of languages you want the translation or proofreading service for, you'll get an instant quote with the number of words per page and the price for translation or proofreading.

With GTranslate's website translation service, the job of translating a website or proofreading the already translated content for a certain language will be assigned to one translator/proofreader. This will ensure styling consistency across the content.

And one more thing, here we will count only words for unique texts. Thus if some text appears more than once throughout your website, we will count it as one.

Here you can also uncheck all "not-so-important" pages and leave the main ones, thus reducing the price of the service.

If you want to know more on how to use GTranslate Website Translation service simply check out our article on how to enhance the quality of translation with GTranslate.

Summing up

Finding out how many words you have on your website and getting the right tool to make a website multilingual should never be a problem for you.

Simply make your website multilingual with GTranslate, and after invest in the quality of translation step by step.

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