Advanced Feature Questions

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Advanced Feature Questions

Postby JpR » Wed Apr 10, 2013 10:01 pm

As we consider using GTranslate Pro for all our sites, I have a few questions about additional features we need.

Suppressing/filtering content by region:
We wish to display a product catalog. In our Joomla implementation, each product is a separate article with it's own menu item. These pages are being translated well by GTranslate Pro. However, we want the ability to display a subset of these articles to users based on the language they choose. So, products X,Y and Z would display for users clicking EN (English) language flag but only products X and Z would display is users clicked ES (Spanish) flag. Is this possible with GTranslate Pro?

We have some text in images. Is there a way to have Gtranslate Pro change images based on selected language?

Human Translated Texts
I notice that in the cache the human-translated texts are marked "HUMAN". Can we assume that these won't be automatically refreshed? In other words, once a text has been human translated is it permanent until explicitly edited again?

Hiding Joomla Edit Icon
When in edited mode using GTranslate Pro (using "?language_edit=1") is there a way to hide the standard Joomla edit icon? We understand it's been disabled in edit mode; we just want to see if it can be hidden.

And, can the Joomla Edit icon be hidden completely when logged in? Perhaps this is not a question for GTranslate Pro but it is confusing to users who inadvertently login, switch their language and click the edit icon. They assume they are editing the translated text when in fact they are merely editing the source text but in the translated language.

Automatic Edit Mode Button
Is there a way to create a button that might appear on the page after a user logs in as an author that would automatically append the "?language_edit=1" to the currently-loaded URL and thereby switch into GTranslate Pro edit mode? This would be useful for non-technical users who don't like having to manually paste that string in their URL. I suspect we could create one ourselves but were wondering if your team already had done it.


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Re: Advanced Feature Questions

Postby Edvard » Fri Apr 12, 2013 5:09 pm


Please find my answers below:

1. Suppressing/filtering content by region.
- You will need to modify your script which will show the content you want depending on the selected language. You still need to show everything in original language and it will be translated by GTranslate.

2. Images
- That feature is available in Enterprise version.

3. Human Translated Texts
- Yes, as long as there is .human file, it won't expire.

4. Hiding Joomla Edit Icon
- It requires Joomla core modifications on your side.

5. Automatic Edit Mode Button
- Yes, you can use Jumi extension to show that link. You will need to write a custom code in Jumi module yourself with the link to edit mode.


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