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Don't lose visitors just because your site is on a language that they don't understand, use a service like GTranslate and ensure just everybody will be able to read your content, the minute they've landed on your site. Available both for free and as a paid service, GTranslate is a powerful platform that lets you have your whole website translated into as much as 58 different languages.

Any page that you have translated using GTranslate is hosted on a URL of its very own, and AdSense ads change according to the language that's being used.

The free version of GTranslate lets you have pages translated using Google's automatic translation only, whereas the paid version of the service lets you go all the way, and hire the assistance of human translators. And the free version of GTranslate comes without some features such as cache support for translated pages, and the ability to have translations edited manually.

Besides, search engine friendly URLs are only available to those who go for the pro version of GTranslate. But other than that, the free version of GTranslate is powerful-enough to let you see not only what a translated page looks like, but also to track how many new visits you're getting - both the free and paid versions of GTranslate come with full analytics, letting you know how people are relating to your content.

And GTranslate can effectively translate everything from pages that have been built using general HTML, to Wordpress-powered blogs and sites that have been put together using platforms such as Drupal and Magento.

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