How to Optimize Your Shopify Store Checkout Process

Why most people abandon your shopping cart and never get back to your Shopify store?

While there can be tons of reasons for this, one major reason is that your checkout process might be too difficult to handle, too time-consuming, and thus too nerve-wracking.

So, whenever you have some kind of a pain, you should find out the exact place or thing that causes the pain and use the right painkillers to get rid of it. You don't want people to bounce away from your online store, right? Then make sure to find out the source of the pain and work hard towards applying the best painkiller.

If people are abandoning your Shopify store at the checkout, then there is something about the checkout process that you should rethink, reorganize, redesign, and rebuild. But before jumping into some ideas as for how you could optimize your store checkout process, let's understand the pain aka abandonment rate fully.


Making Your Website Multilingual: What are the Perks?

If you have made up your mind to make your website multilingual, then you already know how beneficial it can be for your business.

It can basically help reach a broader audience, show your clients/customers that they matter, improve your SEO results, boost your sales, and eventually establish your company as a brand.

But the translation and the localization processes can take time and resources.

What to do to simplify them?

Well, you can use a tool that automatically translates all the pages of your website and provides you with other perks as well.

One such tool is GTranslate which works well with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Shopify, Magento, and even HTML websites built without any CMS.

The setup and the configuration are as easy as one-two-three! Besides, the support team is always there to help and guide you through the whole process.

So, let's just forget about the configuration and focus on the perks more.


How to Optimize Your Product Landing Page

Landing page optimization doesn't give instant results. It takes time and patience to work. Maybe that's why a lot of business people and marketers just give up.

Should you give up too?

No way!

A great landing page requires that you know everything about your customers or users. Well, if not everything, then at least the most important things. That's why before you get started with designing the landing page, make sure you know more details about your target audience or the so-called buyer persona.

This knowledge will help you choose among the various landing page optimization tactics out there and be more accurate when implementing them.

Let's see what tactics you can choose from.


6 Super Important Reasons to Translate Your Website

You are most probably wondering how you can make your business stand out, right?

That's a great thing to think about.

One way to do this is to communicate with your customers through your website and do it in THEIR language.

Translating a website won't be hard especially if you know what tools to use. GTranslate, for example, is an easy-to-use plugin with seamless integration that you can add to any kind of website be it built on WordPress, Joomla, Shopify or any other popular website builder.

But this piece is not about the tools you can use to translate a website, but more about the reasons why you should do this.

Let's dive deeper and see what benefits website translation can provide you with.


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