6 Super Important Reasons to Translate Your Website

You are most probably wondering how you can make your business stand out, right?

That's a great thing to think about.

One way to do this is to communicate with your customers through your website and do it in THEIR language.

Translating a website won't be hard especially if you know what tools to use. GTranslate, for example, is an easy-to-use plugin with seamless integration that you can add to any kind of website be it built on WordPress, Joomla, Shopify or any other popular website builder.

But this piece is not about the tools you can use to translate a website, but more about the reasons why you should do this.

Let's dive deeper and see what benefits website translation can provide you with.


Website Localization and Its Main Benefits

First things first, website localization is NOT website translation. It is much more than that. Localization refers to the process of determining your target market and adapting your website and/or mobile app not only to the local language but also the culture.

One of the elements of localization is thus translation. But it is not the only element here. The overall message, the color schemes, the design, and the images should reflect the specific language and cultural preferences of the given target market.

So, if you are trying to localize a website, make sure to not only translate the web copy but also make it fit the context from the perspective of both language and culture.

Let's take the example of Starbucks. You remember when in Saudi Arabia they changed their logo because "the original showed too much naked female flesh?" People perceive your brand not only physically but also digitally. So it's key to fit their expectations both offline and online.

In this respect, website localization can have a ton of benefits for a business. It is basically the process of speaking your customer's or client's language: both literally and figuratively. Let us examine the benefits of website localization one by one:


10 Strategies to Get More Traffic to Your Website

What's a marketer's or a business owner's greatest dream of all? A private jet or maybe a house in Bora Bora? Well, maybe. But first of all, they want to get web traffic flowing in. And that's pretty normal since the more people visit your website, the higher your chances will be to sell your product or service.

In fact, there are dozens of ways you can try to get more people visiting your website. As soon as you find the right channel, you can focus on that one and bring traffic at more affordable rates. But meanwhile, make sure to experiment and think about the most out-of-the-box strategies you can use.

Let's see what you can start with.


Introducing GTranslate User Dashboard

Yes, it is already available.

Since the inception of GTranslate we knew, that we should develop a user dashboard enabling you to do whatever you want with your GTranslate subscriptions without our help. All this time we were gathering information on what you want to have on it and were investigating industry best practicing to design easy to use, yet highly functional tool to serve your needs.

And here it is: GTranslate User Dashboard is ready to go.

Let's see how it can make your experience with GTranslate delightful.

To enter to your dashboard area sign in with username and password we have sent to your email address. Yes, the same username and password you are using to edit your translations.


From the left side you have a navigation bar, so you can quickly switch among different sections.

1. Dashboard

Here you can find valuable info about the status of your subscription (Active or Expired), how long has passed since you first signed to GTranslate, the number of unique text GTranslate has discovered in your website, and the number of unique texts, which you decided need improvement and have edited manually.

Additionally, brief statistics on your user activity, top 10 countries, and pages for translated versions of your website is also available.


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